Not a WI park, but very shareworthy!


High Cliff State Park…the final leg of this trip.

I went to Ikea in Milwaukee yesterday which made me miss the big open parks like High Cliff.

High Cliff is located along the northern end of Wisconsin’s largest lake, Lake Winnebago! When my kids were little they jokingly referred to it as “Lake want a bagel”! This park has something for everyone. If you are in excellent shape and have on excellent shoes you can take the Cliffside Trail for vigorous unmaintained kind of hike. We instead chose the red bird Trail. As you can see from the photo above it’s a heavily wooded Trail offering occasional openings and views of Lake Winnebago and some occasional interesting rock formations. At the end of the trail or beginning however you want to look at it near the parking lot there is a tower to climb with an amazing view over at the park and the lake. I’m told the beach here is fabulous we just did not go to that part today.

I hope you get here! If you was nice, the park is clean, and like I said it has something for everyone!

Copper Culture State Park: Read all about it.

We left the Marinette area this morning and made the half hour drive south to Copper Culture State Park. The entire perk is roughly 50 acres. Yes, I will admit when we pulled in to the parking lot I thought “are you kidding me this is it, none of the trails or even a mile long”? I knew there was a museum on site but it looked like a tiny one-room schoolhouse or something.

Never judge a book by its cover! Museum with staff with a volunteer who showed us a movie and give us a great overview of the park . We certainly enjoyed our stay here and would highly recommend it! We took a short half mile trail down to the Oconto River. It was a small area with a pretty scene. Fishing is an option here.


I’ve never seen so many frogs in my life!

After exploring the river, we learned we were on sacred ground.

You see, thousands of years ago, a culture of people with no DNA relation to the Native Americans existed and mysteriously vanished thousands of years ago. The people who lived here we referred to as the copper culture because they used copper to make tools.

At one time it was a popular archeological site. Currently the people buried here are respected.

Governor Thompson State Park/ Peshtigo River State Forest

If you follow our route, there is a longer drive from Council Grounds to Governor Thompson State Park. We spent a little over two hours between the two sites. The first hour of the trip is basically a remote Highway. If you’ve travelled anywhere in Alaska you’ll notice it feels kind of similar to that! Thick Woods large pine trees with occasional wildlife.

We found it convenient to stop halfway and eat lunch from her cooler to break up the trip. Soon after lunch we approached the town of Crivitz. This area is home to many small clear lakes, heavy woods, and is just beautiful no matter where you look.

Once you pass through the Lakes and make a few turns you will approach Governor Thompson State Park/ Peshtigo State Forest Area. Governor Thompson State Park appears to be newer and the facilities were absolutely clean as a whistle! Well we are not camping on this trip because we negotiated with teenagers to stay in a hotel I think I could camp here if I chose to. Adventure is everywhere in this secluded area of WI. Just look at some of our sights….

We never actually saw any people on the 3-mile trail we took on the Forest View path. However, there were two cranes that walked on the trail for about half a mile with us!! We spent several hours here. You can literally smell the line trees as you hike, kayak, fish or camp. I hope you get here someday 🙂 As for us , we head south to Copper Culture State Park next 🙂

We’ve Never Been Anywhere Near Here! Our Discovery of Council Grounds and Governor Thompson State Park/Peshtigo River State Forest.

We left Wausau and took a 25 minute drive North to Merrill, WI this morning. Just a couple short miles outside of this town we were greeted by the photo above as we entered Council Grounds State Park. The park is heavily wooded with beautiful campsites. There is a beautiful beach, several beautiful well groomed trails as well as fishing, kayaking and interesting view of the Dam. As we watch the waterfall from the Wisconsin River I was impressed at how much cleaner the water is up here! Don’t take my word for it, come see for yourself!! 🙂